My bikes!

2010 Torker T300

This is the only bike I have right now that I bought new.  It began life with “north road” style handlebars and a twist shifter for its AWC 3 speed Sturmey hub.  Now it has drop bars and a bar end shifter.  It has a collapsing cargo cage mounted to the side of the rear rack, and serves as my all weather city bike.  I take it when I plan to be out for much of the day, since I can comfortably take lunch or anything else I might need.  It is the perfect bike for carnival season in uptown New Orleans.

People online often say that you can’t ride aggressively or stand up to pedal with Sturmey Archer’s 3 speed hubs, but I have never had a problem with it popping out of gear.  I am always sure to have the shifter chain properly adjusted.  I have also always weighed less than 160Lbs.  A lot of people are heavier, and I’ll grant that excessive weight might make the hub pop out of gear.  If you weigh less than 160Lbs I highly reccomend the AW or AWC hub for spirited general purpose urban cycling.

1986 Mercier

I bought this used, and when it came to me all the writing had rubbed off the frame.  So I don’t know what model it was.  There doesn’t seem to have been a clear coat over the name or logos.  The silver/gray paint is otherwise in good shape on the whole.  I know the brand because it’s stamped into fork crown.  I date it 1986 because that is the year stamped into the Huret downtube shifter mounts, and they seem to be original.  It came with a mixture of mid-range French and Shimano parts of that era, all slightly worn but clean.


1986 Raleigh Pursuit

1985 Raleigh Record